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28 January 2019

We are pleased to announce 3 events for 2019.

On Sunday 17th March we are presenting the Olivia Ennemoser Quintet at the Victoria Hotel, Rothesay.

Olivia Ennemoser with ‘Jazz Too’

“The unique voice of Olivia, who is of Austrian-Scottish parentage, has an authentic ‘Billie Holliday’ jazz feel and with an Amy Winehouse edge, creates an atmosphere all of it’s own taking the songs to new places.

She is performing with premier jazz guitarist and vocalist Chris Clark accompanied by Robert Henderson (trumpet) and Cameron Maxwell (bass) as ‘Jazz Too.’ They are joined by Rothesay’s well known jazz pianist Tim Saul, for what promises to be a very pleasing afternoon of mellow jazz.

“Olivia simply blew her audience away with her performance.”  

‘Just Jazz,’ on-line jazz reviews Jan 2017

“Chris Clark on guitar; his easygoing manner inspires a relaxed attitude and the band are laid-back and enjoy themselves, creating a gorgeous, mellow atmosphere. Chris really excels when he pulls out the guitar and delivers some great jazz solos himself”

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review, Broadway Baby Rating ‘Cool Blue’ 4 Star

On May 5th, we present the Luca Manning Quartet supported by Gypsy jazz quartet,  Les Gitanes. More information will be posted soon.

October 25 - 27 will be Bute Manouche, Scotland’s first Gypsy Jazz Festival. Details here!


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